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Les Jardins d'en Haut - Génépi and berries

Les Jardins d'en Haut

38520 Villard-Reymond

Access: Park at the entrance to the village and walk to the wash house. Chantal’s house is just opposite : the barn.

Chantal Theysset decided to create her smallholding at an altitude of 1650 m on the land of her ancestors in Villard Reymond. She grows génépi and small fruit, which she turns into wonderful, tasty produce.

High up, as I am perched at an altitude of 1650m and the rhythm of the seasons guides my work. I love this part of the mountains, where I have chosen to live and work, and you are welcome to come and share the beauty of this place and discover my activity and my products.

Products :
Absinthe liqueur (genepi, hysope)
Wild garlic condiments
Plant and fruit cordials
Jam made of small fruit,
Aperitifs (red fruit, gentian and elderberry)

Sales outlets :
- In the farm: every year from Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm.
- Villard Reymond : Auberge de l’Eau Blanche
- Bourg d’Oisans : Boulangerie Bologne, Maison des Savoir-Faire.
- Auris : 8 à 8
- Oz station : Le Habert, le Chalet d'Oz
- Freney d’Oisans : Station Avia
- Besse en Oisans : Maison des alpages
- Ornon : Bergerie de la Lignarre
- Rivier d'Allemont : la ferme du Rivier

- Market stalls :
Wednesdays morning in Mont de Lans ( 1/07 to 31/08)
Fridays morning in l’Alpe d’Huez (1/07 to 31/08)
Saturdays morning in Bourg d’Oisans (during February school holidays and from 1/03 to 11/11).


Every year from Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm.


  • Absinthe liqueur (Génépi) 50cl: €26,80
    Wild garlic condiments: €7,6
    Plant and fruit cordials: between €6,5 and e7,5 (50cl)
    Jam made of small fruit: €5,30 (212ml), €5,60 (370ml)
    Aperitifs (50cl): €15,90
Les Jardins d'en Haut

Les Jardins d'en Haut